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The CBCU Difference


I really enjoyed the baseball clinic— I found it very informative, along with the practical and hands-on training. — Scott Fauver


Good job last night! We had lots of fun and it was a good opportunity to network. I look forward to working with you in the future. —David Popoff


I wanted to send a thank you note on behalf of my son, Peter Vargas, Jr., who is currently enrolled in the Harry Wendelstedt Professional Umpire course in Daytona Beach, Florida.  Peter earned this opportunity having attended the one-day MLB PBUC offered by CBCU here in Houston at the Astros Urban Youth baseball academy in 2014. 


Peter began umpiring simply to make some extra money while going to school and working, but given the opportunity to attend the PBUC event he was noticed and invited by the group of current and former MLB umpires, evaluators and instructors to attend an abbreviated camp in Fort Myers, Florida.  This past December, Peter traveled to Fort Myers for the opportunity to learn more about umpiring, and potentially earn a scholarship to one of the two professional baseball umpire schools in Florida.  He was fortunate enough to earn a full scholarship to the Wendelstedt school where he's currently enrolled.  In talking with Peter, he's enjoying this opportunity of a lifetime, learning about umpiring, meeting new people and all while realizing this 'could' lead to an even bigger adventure in his life. 


He's very appreciative of this once in a lifetime opportunity that he's been given and excited to excel and move forward in his umpiring career, however long that might last.  As a Dad, and an umpire involved in CBCU and TASO, I'm very hopeful for him and very proud of what he's doing.  I feel that I also owe a debt of gratitude to CBCU for giving Peter, and everyone in attendance at that one-day camp the opportunity to vie for one of the coveted spots that he was able to fill.  Have a great season, gentlemen, and you never know when one of your own will be given an opportunity to excel and move forward as an umpire in this game we've all come to know and love. —Peter Vargas, Sr. 

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